The creator

Vittorio Testa Pomarici

What represents me is what i’m doing at the moment”.

I spent most of my life surrounded by music, studying the art of classical composition that made me happy for a long time. After several professional success, however, I realized that the music alone would not have been enough to flow all my ideas, my need to create new things, new worlds. Thus combining the passion for directing and for that particular art called "of hospitality," giving vent to a vision that has always characterized my creative process, I founded Mondovi Group, an innovative access to a variety of cultural offerings with different levels of usability.


Food Mama | Eccellenza in Cucina was founded in 2013.

The idea of ​​this high quality "home cooking" stems from the desire to combine traditional Italian cuisine with a modern experience of tasting concept. So, I wanted to give priority to the high quality of the raw material, processing customized menus where every recipe is made in traditional kitchens with espresso food and never frozen. Food Mama, is also careful study of the surrounding environment where the event is born and comes to life, where the vibrations of what is around us are transformed into expression stage of the design. Therefore, a gastronomic journey that involves the senses of both the ancient and the modern taste, a meeting between perceptual installation and excellence in the kitchen.


Concept House was born in 2010.

The pleasure of receiving at home, the passion for entertainment that comes from deep need to promote the culture, are the recipe for this initiative. Starting with a new and attractive use of the Cinema at home - through music and theater - up to the pleasure of the table laid, always emphasizing each event with a love for a fancy and never boring food, I have outlined an intimate and new profile of a certain playful and social dimension. Thus opening up my home to a small and selected audience, trying to give space to art in all its forms, I close the circle to a romantic and migratory expression of a personality that badly has adapted, as always, to a single idea of itself.


Time Door | Role Play (not yet active) dates from the year 2007.

It is a project born from the idea to live with a group of friends a new adventure, something that would hardly found elsewhere. Thanks to the availability of my family, which owns a small paradise known as Tenuta Farneta di Collalto near Siena in the Toscan countryside, I created my first role play: Tenuta Farneta 1907. The intent was to carry 18 people back in time, imagining and creating for them the suggestion of a unique and ancient atmosphere. In 2008 I carried the idea of that first game in a more mysterious atmosphere, where the focus would have been a heinous crime. Thus was born Mistero nella Tenuta 1921, a real and spectacular play in the past, guests this time became an integral part of the mise en scene. Unfortunately, some musical commitments moved me away from the completion of that second job. In 2010 I started again with that idea but transcribing it into an event much more extemporaneous as the “Dinner with Murder” is. After months of writing, inspired by the events left over from the previous game, therefore was born the third work, recently completed: I Gioiellieri della Presentosa 1930. The charm of the years of Charleston, an intriguing atmosphere with attention to every detail, make this the most complete game from the theatrical point of view: each participant recites in the true meaning, personating in addition to the historical character, an important role in the murder.

Thank you.